Colors of the Appian Way • 12-19 May 2015 or by request
with stays in the lovely hill towns of Nemi and Sermoneta

Option 1: 3 nights in a cozy B&B (Nemi); 4 nights in a historic hotel (Sermoneta). 1800 Euros/person, double occupancy.
Option 2: 3 nights in Nemi B&B; 4 in a hostel in Sermoneta (restored convent with private rooms.) 1600 Euros/person, double occupancy.

Includes daily guided walks of 5 to 8 miles, meals, lodging and transportation for 7 days, and admission to selected museums and historic sites. Excludes airfare to Rome. 15% surcharge for single occupancy. Price in US dollars will be determined in April 2015; currently 1 Euro = US$1.22

Six-guest limit • book by February 1

In May the Roman countryside explodes with color. Please join me for a week of invigorating walks, wonderful food and comfy beds. We meet in Rome and venture south into a landscape imbued with history. Our guide is the Appian Way, first and most famous of all the Roman roads.

Appian Way map

12-19 May 2015 • Book by February 1

Colors of the Appian Way

Twelve miles out of Rome, the Appian Way climbs the volcanic Alban Hills, legendary birthplace of Latin culture and sacred ground to the ancient Romans. Today colorful towns bustle with life amidst massive chunks of Roman villas and baths. In the wooded hills nestle blue crater lakes, ancient roads, hermit caves and remnants of mysterious religious sanctuaries. Here the likes of Goya, Goethe, Stendahl and Longfellow came to drink in the mystical ambience. The walking is superb. We’ll enter an underground Roman cistern that’s still in use, visit a museum of Roman ships and peek into a mile-long tunnel dug 25 centuries ago to regulate the level of Lake Nemi.

Alban Hills

  • Lake Nemi
    Lake Nemi
  • Ancient retaining wall, Sanctuary of Diana
    Ancient retaining wall, Sanctuary of Diana
  • Lunch time!
    Lunch time!
  • Roman cistern, Albano
    Roman cistern, Albano
  • Edible colors
    Edible colors
  • Nemi and its lake
    Nemi and its lake
  • Via Sacra ascending Monte Cavo
    Via Sacra ascending Monte Cavo
  • Via Sacra ascending Monte Cavo
    Waterfall above Lake Nemi
  • Appian Way near Rome
    Appian Way near Rome
  • Roman Ship Museum, Lake Nemi
    Roman Ship Museum, Lake Nemi
  • Caves, Lake Albano
    Caves, Lake Albano
  • Lake Albano
    Lake Albano
  • Ruined monastery above Lake Albano
    Ruined monastery above Lake Albano

Next the Appian Way skirts the Lepini Mountains, where ancient towns cling to limestone cliffs with sweeping views of the coastal plain and the Mediterranean. Fortified towers guard roads built before Romans times. Locals live side-by-side with Roman temples and striking medieval churches unknown to tourists. We’ll visit the imposing Caetani Castle in Sermoneta, a twelfth-century monastery with elegant Cistercian architecture, and Roman Norba — once a flourishing settlement with temples, paved streets, cisterns and baths, now in picturesque ruins overlooking the lovely Gardens of Ninfa. We’ll have a guided tour of what garden writer Charles Quest-Ritson termed “the world’s most romantic garden.” And we’ll visit the imposing ruins of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur at Terracina, with sweeping views of the Bay of Fondi and the Mediterranean.

Lepini Mountains

  • View of Ninfa Gardens from Norba
    View of Ninfa Gardens from Norba
  • Cori
  • Valviscolo Monastery
    Valviscolo Monastery
  • Piazza,Terracina
  • Roman gate, Norba
    Roman gate, Norba
  • Caetani Castle crowns Sermoneta
    Caetani Castle crowns Sermoneta
  • Lepini Mountain high
    Lepini Mountain high
  • Courtyard, Valviscolo Abbey
    Courtyard, Valviscolo Abbey
  • Bay of Fondi
    Bay of Fondi
  • Temple of Jupiter, Terracina
    Temple of Jupiter, Terracina
  • Mountains near Terracina
    Mountains near Terracina
  • Roman street, Norba
    Roman street, Norba
  • Piazza, Sermoneta
    Piazza, Sermoneta
  • Gardens of Ninfa
    Gardens of Ninfa
  • Vineyard below Cori
    Vineyard below Cori
  • Trail to Bassiano
    Trail to Bassiano
  • Bassiano
  • Roman temple, Cori
    Roman temple, Cori
  • Norba
  • Fellow traveler
    Fellow traveler

New Offering

Rome a la carte
Delicious day trips in and near the city

Offered on selected dates in May and October 2015

Planning a trip to Rome? Next May and October you are invited to join me on a series of walks highlighting ancient history and the beauty of the countryside. They’ll range from 5 to 8 hours including transportation, lunch and stops for coffee and/or wine. The pace is relaxed. The cost is 80 Euros per person per day, or 210 Euros for 3 days. Excludes meals and train or bus fares, required on some trips (10 Euros max).

A full week in Rome based on these walks can also be arranged.

Book by February 1

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