David Morton's Roman Road Walks - Adventures in Italy, Made to Order

Ever since I was a kid in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been willingly enticed by a meandering stream or a path into the hills. Countless treks in the High Sierra have intensified my love of the wilderness experience.

On a train ride through France and Italy one year, I was awed by the classic Mediterranean landscape and picturesque towns. What secrets were out there? Could you walk between towns and get to know them? Enjoy good meals and cozy lodging along the way? Civilized exploring – what could top that?

"Walking with Dave I see my own territory in a whole new way…such a rich network of trails to explore"

Clelia Maio
Viterbo, Italy

So I learned Italian and went exploring in Italy, rooting around in libraries and talking to locals. The ancient Roman road system provided a convenient framework for research. I began finding remarkable things: rock-cut Etruscan tombs, breathtaking medieval churches, walled hill towns, Renaissance villas, castles, aqueducts, temples.

The best part is sharing this magical world with friends. I hope you enjoy these pages; perhaps one day you’ll join me for a walk.

I'd like to hear your questions and comments: write to me.

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