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Hotel La Badia Rome Apartment
• A beautifully renovated rental apartment in a quiet neighborhood near the Vatican. Alessandra is a wonderful host. See also: www.vrbo.com/185708
Casa Sèlita Casa Sèlita
• Lovely B&B in an olive grove just outside Orvieto. Selita and Ennio are your gracious hosts.
Hotel La Badia Hotel La Badia
• In the mood for a splurge? This amazing 12th-century abbey below Orvieto is listed in the Historic Hotels of Europe.
Hotel Urbano V Hotel Urbano V
• Lovingly restored medieval palazzo in the historic quarter of Montefiascone, above beautiful Lake Bolsena.
Villa Palazzola Villa Palazzola
• Beautiful old monastery with a spectacular location on the slopes of Lake Albano's crater. One of a kind.
Italian Vacations Rome
Italy Update
Italy Update
• Hard-to-find tidbits about Italy travel, featuring Nemi author Margaret Stenhouse.
Via Appia Regional Park Via Appia Regional Park
• this huge greenbelt is a joy to explore
Italian Excursion Italian Excursion
• small group tours to Italy
Ostia Antica Ostia Antica
• Rome's port, a marvelously preserved ancient town
Elegant Etruria Elegant Etruria
• cultural holidays in Italy
Buzz in Rome website Buzz in Rome
• When in Rome, do as the Romans. This blog serves up fresh news and latest trends in the city. More than the famous monuments, this kind of stuff will make your stay memorable.
Your Own Private Tuscany Your Own Private Tuscany
• a guide to Italian vacation rentals
Roman Roads Etruscans
Discovering Roman Roads Discovering Roman Roads
• guide to artifacts along the 356-mile Via Appia
Villa Giulia National Museum, Rome Villa Giulia National Museum, Rome
• wonderful Etruscan stuff
Roman Roads Teaching Ideas Roman Roads Teaching Ideas
• Road construction methods simply explained
The Etruscans in the Tuscia Region The Etruscans in the Tuscia Region
• Etruscan sites to visit in Viterbo province
Steven Saylor Steven Saylor
• Immerse yourself in ancient Rome with Saylor's tales of Gordianus the Finder. Roma - a New York Times bestseller - portrays the gradual emergence of an empire. Available on Amazon.
Linda Lappin Linda Lappin
• An American based in Italy, Lappin has written two novels set in the Tuscia region north of Rome, and teaches creative writing workshops. The Etruscan is available on Amazon.
Rosalind Burgundy Rosalind Burgundy
• Burgundy’s three novels focus on the ancient Etruscans, although one is set in modern Tuscany. Her intent is to familiarize Americans with these intriguing people. Available on Amazon.
Public Transportation Maps
Trenitalia Trenitalia
• Italian train schedules
David Rumsey Map Collection David Rumsey Map Collection
• Beautiful antique maps
Rail Europe Rail Europe
• European train schedules
Istituto Geografico Militare Istituto Geografico Militare
• Detailed topographic maps of Italy; mostly quite old but still useful
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