Street scene, ivy and wisteria

Street scene, ivy and wisteria

A ten-day trip for from four to six guests.

Available May, September and October 2016

May booking closes 25 January!

My favorite pastime is combing through Italy’s countryside and weaving my best discoveries into walking trips. The source of these marvels, their hidden focal point, is the great city of Rome.

Rome is a mélange of history and culture unique in all the world. It’s also a living city, vibrant and kaleidoscopic, where meandering cobblestone streets lead to hidden treasures, mischief and magic. This is the Rome I love.

It’s easy to do Rome’s “big” attractions on your own – you don’t need me for that. I’d like to spend a few days showing you a different face of Rome – my Rome – then take you into the country for a week of walking. Details below.

Fresh produce for sale

Fresh produce for sale

Tiber River

The Tiber River

Caravaggio: The Calling of St. Matthew (detail)

The Calling of St. Matthew (detail)

Turtle fountain

Turtle fountain

Town - three days

Here’s a taste of what we’ll do together:

  • walk through Rome’s chronology from pre-history to Renaissance
  • follow the run of ancient aqueducts into the city
  • stroll the tree-lined Appian Way, the most iconic Roman road
  • enjoy great art and architecture without fighting crowds
  • visit artisans plying their trades in traditional workshops of Rome’s medieval center
  • gaze over the city at dusk, sipping an aperitivo
  • eat great food without being treated like a tourist
  • attend a performance of the Rome Opera (optional; extra charge applies)
Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo

Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio

Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio

Dome, Sant'Agnese in Agone

Dome, Sant'Agnese in Agone

Country - seven days

There are many itineraries to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Mountains at the Mediterranean:
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The Lakes of Lazio:
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The Clear Light of Umbria:
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Rome: Town and Country

A ten-day trip in May, September or October 2016

Each walking trip is built to order for four to six guests. You can join a group or create your own, choosing the itinerary and accommodations, from budget to upscale. Cost begins at US$2200 per person for party of 6, US$2600 per person for party of 4 (varies with accommodations chosen and exchange rate). Includes all lodging, meals and transportation for 10 days; excludes flight to Rome.

Book May trips by 25 January, fall trips by 25 April. Write to me for booking or more information: I’ll help design the trip you want.

Create your own Italian adventure

Visit or write to me for ideas and assistance. I’ll make it easy.

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