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My walking trips are on hold until the crisis
has passed.

As you know, Italy has been hit hard with the coronavirus. The outbreak is most serious in the north; the Regions of Lazio and Umbria — where my walking trips take place — have been less impacted. Thankfully all of my friends remain healthy. But they are under strict lockdown and most are unable to work, so life is difficult. Still, the Italian spirit is strong: they sing from balconies, they stubbornly proclaim, “C’e’ la faremo!” (“We will make it!”). This is one of many heartwarming stories: Solidarity food baskets in Naples

As of this writing (late April), the situation in Italy has begun to stabilize, giving rise to guarded optimism. But globally the virus is still on the rise, including in the United States. International travel may be disrupted for many months as governments maintain travel restrictions and airlines struggle to survive. Planning a trip to Italy is difficult under these circumstances.

My walking trips are on hold until the crisis has passed. Watch for updates at www.romanroadwalks.com

Meanwhile Newsletter 36 has three options that may tempt you to take a “virtual trip,” or begin planning a real one. Be sure to write to me if you have questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Be well, and keep walking! It’s good for the body and spirit.

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Castles of Umbria: Newsletter 19

All trips are custom designed for four to six guests, and there are many options. Learn more at www.romanroadwalks.com or write to me.

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