David Morton's Roman Road Walks - Adventures in Italy, Made to Order
Newsletter Thirty-Six

A profusion of beautiful walks,
     compelling history and delicious food...
...it was a year to remember.

Photo credit: Tom Ellison

Here’s a sampling of our springtime adventures just north of Rome ❯

❮ September featured a special 10-day trip to the south of Rome

Thanks to the many guests who shared photos for these albums,
especially Tom Ellison.

Walking Trips for 2020

This year’s schedule is nearly full, but there are still openings in early May and late September. Each group can choose an itinerary with my help. Write to me if you are interested.

These are currently the most popular itineraries:

Via Appia: Queen of Roads

A brand new adventure from Rome to Castel Gandolfo, walking the most iconic of Roman roads. Details in Newsletter 35.

Via Cassia: Sutri to Orvieto

The great pilgrimage road to Rome from the north passes through gorgeous hill towns with fascinating stories. See Newsletter 34.

Mountains and Sea: Rome’s south coast

Overlooking the Via Appia, limestone cliffs crowned with colorful medieval towns skirt the coast. Extra days at beautiful Lake Nemi are possible by request. See Newsletter 31.

More trips

Castles of Umbria: Newsletter 19

All trips are custom designed for four to six guests, and there are many options. Learn more at www.romanroadwalks.com or write to me.

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